Friday, September 23, 2011

"A Huge Rock Pile (google image search)"

And I got this:

(and I mis-took another image as identical in those images: and guess whose photo it was...

Could this be the Huge Rock Pile in Kodiak?

Above: A Buffalo Boulder: with Rocks piled around it(?), but not The Montana "Sleeping Buffalo Boulder:" '...a small monument on the side of the road leading to the springs - the Sleeping Buffalo Boulder. The boulder apparently looks like a sleeping buffalo - to someone. The story of the boulder is that when white men came to the area and massacred the buffalo for fur (buffalo were the primary means for plains Indians to meet their needs), Indians would go to this boulder and leave offerings to appease the spirits. When we went to look at the monument there was a ton of cigarettes and tobacco all over the boulder. I thought it was a shame that someone trashed it until Meg explained that tobacco is considered a valuable possession (due to the strong belief that smoke carries messages and prayers up to the spirits) and to leave tobacco at the monument is a show of respect. As we were preparing to leave two Indians showed up, prayed and left offerings.'

More about that:
The buffalo and another:

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