Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beacon Cap

-- glacial erratic boulder on high point (elevation 770 feet) on the Bethany, CT and Naugatuck, CT border. End of Beacon Cap spur trail of Naugatuck Blue-Blazed hiking trail. (photo location: 41° 27' 45" N, 73° 0' 12.6" W)
image from: with a little thing by the photo location that gives you many choices for maps and satellite images. I particularly like the Bing Bird's Eye option, the boulder quite visible, along with other smaller boulders. Note the piled stones and the chamber-like overhang...

The photo is also part of "morrowlong’s" Flickr gallery “Naugatuck Trail - Bethany, Beacon Falls and Naugatuck, CT - April 3, 2010” ~
Other views are available there, and I wonder if the stoneworking is modern or perhaps Indian - or possibly both.

I had mentioned stopping in Woodbridge after a trip to the NH Train Station recently; on the way to the station, the Naugatuck River beside us at the highest level I ever remember seeing, I was telling my daughter about the old route 8 on the hillside and wondered out loud to her if the old road had become a hiking trail. Turns out that it does and is how one gets to Beacon Cap, if I read the description of the trail correctly...

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