Monday, September 19, 2011

More aerial ruins from the desert of Asia and Africa

Reader dc writes:

It is always interesting to see what shows up in the middle of nowhere in deserts, on Google Earth. Here is what appears to be a reservoir, in the middle of nowhere, no roads, no cities, but a few
ancient stone structures are visible as well. To the northeast about 1.6 miles is another one, and a third 12 miles to the south. This is as far east as I have poked around so far. I have found similar "reservoirs" in Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan and Sudan, as well as Djibouti. dc.
Interesting five sided fort in the Pakistan desert. Thought you might be interested.
The Chaldi desert in Kenya is loaded with "pie plates" just like the ones in Syria and Jordan. Here is an example. If you poke around you will see many hundreds of similar structures.
I thought you might appreciate these concentric stone rings in the desert of Kenya. Many similar structures in the area but this is the only one with the definition to see at least four circles

Another interesting stoce circle in the Chaldi desert of Kenya. This one is really in the middle of nowhere, on an island of rock in a sea of sand. Other similar structures in the area.

6 good definition stone circles in Kenya, some others with lesser definition.

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