Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another site in Carlisle

This site was mentioned by Bruce McAleer a week or so ago [Click here]. He and I went to take a closer look at it last weekend and, as I suspected, this is a site I have been to before. I know someone who played here as a child and who remembers building "stone forts". It is clear that he used material from the numerous piles in the area. There are 20 or so piles on a gently sloping acre, facing westward and leading down to a wetland. Most of the piles are built on supports and most look damaged.

Here is Bruce looking at a pile. He had just finished pointing out an isolated piece of quartz in the pile.A friend of the friend (who played here as a child) is camping in the woods there.
I had not visited this site recently. One thing Bruce pointed out was a shoulder above the wetland, the last bit of slope, consisted of one or more long rock piles - almost the whole shoulder was made of rock pile.
To me this is the most interesting feature of the site.

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