Thursday, July 27, 2006

Book review

by geophile

(my son attempting to lift the North Salem boulder)

I have posted a review of Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty; Understanding the Lost Knowledge of the Ancient Megalith-Builders here.

It is relevant to this blog in that it mentions Gungywamp, Putnam County's chambers, and Balanced Rock at North Salem, NY, as well as mound sites to the west. Also, it jibes with the answer I was once given by a Lenape descendant when I asked about the meaning or use of Oley Hills. He said, hesitantly, he thought it was at least partly agricultural. In light of the magnetite in the rocks there, and its position on the 'Reading Prong,' famous for radon, plus the several creeks that arise from there, it would be interesting to take a magnetometer and electrostatic voltmeter there and do some measuring.

The section on Bear Butte also made fascinating reading.

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