Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shaker lands in Harvard - a glimpse

The Shakers that Mavor and Dix wrote about in relation to Indians and Indian stonework lived in Harvard, MA and occupied an area of town which today is north of Rt 2. There are a lot of rock piles up in there. You see them from the road and in people's backyards and between houses.

FFC and I explored some of the conservation lands there this weekend. We found a badly damaged rock pile site on the northeastern slope of one hill.
We were coming down from the northern end of the summit along the eastern side and started seeing ground piles: The piles got more substantial, not higher but wider, as we proceeded and there was that moment when you sense something more substantial "looming" in the background, in this case through the saplings. (Note there is a ground pile in the foreground in the picture) This led to this most substantial pile in there. I already showed a picture of this and of a badly damaged neighboring pile nearby.

There were mostly gound piles.

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