Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MarbH 049 - More camera reviews

Click on this:It is a nice picture and all but...

The pictures I took with the Olympus camera speak for themselves here and in the previous posts about Marble Hill. Every darn picture has got the colors wrong. Even with bright sunlight dappling, it looks as if the sky was faintly overcast or foggy. The dead leaves are always flat and gray, lacking red. The greens are never quite right. Mostly the scenes are flat rather than luminous. Here is an example of an almost overly luminous and colored scene [Click here].
Or this:This one and the previous linked-to picture were taken with HP digital cameras. Both the Olympus and the Nikon have some kind of basic problem with the gamut mapping, so I got curious about what HP is making nowadays and found that the R707 gets excellent reviews. Sample galleries show better color rendering for it than for the other models - except possibly Konica-Minolta, so this may be the deciding factor. I'll cross my fingers and hope it has decent focus and depth of field.

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