Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Miner Farm, Hopington RI - a new album from Larry Harrop

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JimP said...

In the course of doing some research, someone who knew about this farm told me, "There are these small -- things -- I dunno what they are. I dunno if you wanna see them, but they're strange," I knew I might be in for something special.

But when I ever saw this site for the first time, and then slowly found all the other features everywhere, I had chills. I knew it was something special.

And Larry's photos brought that feeling back for me. Terrific work, Larry -- as always!

Identifying this site and then sharing it with the Narragansett Historic Preservation Office, NEARA, and other experts and archaeologists -- it is a highlight of my life that I will truly cherish.

I know he probably won't see this, but a HUGE thanks should go out to the landowner of this site. He is not only sympathetic, but he's also enthusiastic about getting the features on his land recognition and ensuring the site's preservation.

Anonymous said...

This is a special site as is the others nearby. Thanks to the landowner, this site will never see the buldozer.