Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Other odds and ends from the hills west of Leominster, MA

On the same hill as mentioned yesterday, there was another small site on the southern side nearer the foot of the hill. There were three or four simple rocks-on-boulder, or "boulder piles" at this site.

Then there were odds and ends, like split-wedged rocks, on and off across the south and eastern side of the hill. This side is much more gradual and less steep than other sides and the views from it are mostly blocked by other nearby hills. In one place on this southern slope there was a wet spot with ferns and a split rock. I was almost sure it would be a wedged, and it was. Then in another place, I saw split rock and was not sure until I took a close look. There are rocks packed in there.
And let me revisit the western side of the hill, at the foot where there was this seemingly fragile structure: All in all the hill is pretty well covered with rock piles. The first time I walked across it, I saw only two.

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Tim MacSweeney said...


That first photo has some mortar looking characteristics to it, similar to one across the road from me, near Turtle One, that I think you, Norman, and I looked at.