Friday, July 07, 2006

Interview of an old Medicine Man

01-107: NORMAN MERCREDI - MEDICINE MAN,ASSUMPTION ALBERTA Interviewed by R. Belcourt and Dorthea Calverley

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There is a little bit about rock piles but I found the interview interesting. For example:

"...In 1916 they tell that right on that Peace River hill, where Twelve-Foot Davis’ grave is, there were a hundred and fifty teepees. After 1918, there was nobody left. ..."


Geophile said...

The herb parts were especially interesting for me. I wonder to what extent herbs were connected with stones. Did stones get put near stands of good plants? Did special plants like bloodroot and others used for ritual get planted near stone sites? So many questions and no way to answer them . . .

pwax said...

I think there was a quote somewhere back in the archive about rock piles being placed near important plant resources.