Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Stone Turtle or Drunk Farmer"

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Geophile said...

!! Excellent find, Peter. Evan Pritchard--I have one of his books, No Word For Time, but he doesn't mention stonework in it. Fascinating to hear his slant on Oley Hills. He seems to have gotten his info on it from Ted Timreck's film, which I have not seen, but would love to.

I'm not sure I agree about Oley Hills being a boundary site. Lenape territory has historically gone south of there. But he could be right. It could be a southwestern corner somehow, if the border would slant south southeast from there or something.

Anyway, fascinating stuff to hear from him, and I would love to see that turtle near Rhinebeck.

pwax said...

I tried to contact him via leaving a comment on that website (it is a blog). Hope I get a reply. If you can think of some other method, contact the guy and see if he has any photos.

Geophile said...

One site says you can reach him at:

Here is a website to check out: