Monday, July 24, 2006

At the edge of the wetland at the foot of the hill...

Continuing down to the western foot of the hill I just discussed, there was a low knoll within the wetland. I had to risk going into the mountain laurel to get there but arrived at a nice low boulder with rock piles around it. There were a couple of elongated dirt and rock piles radiating out from the central boulder,
and there were a couple of supported rock piles, also disposed seemingly in relation to the central boulder. Here the boulder is in the background and between the pile shown and boulder is an invisible ridge of dirt and cobbles (it really is there).This is not really a different site from the marker pile site higher on the hill. There were occasional rock piles all the way down the slope. The entire hillside was clearly an important ceremonial area and was probably used for many years. But in this part of the site, there was the strong impression of sitting on the boulder looking out at the piles - so a site within a site.

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