Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Conant Land in Carlisle

This site was published in newspapers several years ago, so under the "guidelines" it is OK to say it is located behind Carlisle Town Hall. The woods back there consist of small ups-and-downs with water in the low places and evidence of past water flow management - dams and ditches. The whole area has a combination of rock piles and modern structures such as sculptures, petroglyphs, and fake cup-and-ring marks. It is a free-for-all and, by now, a thoroughly corrupted site. You would think, for example, that after the extensive discussion this site received in the local press (The Carlisle Mosquito) that they would police the creation of fake petroglyphs back in there.Some of the piles have been torn apart. Anyway in one place, the piles are still in good shape and rise dramatically above the ferns - built up as cairns supported on boulders.
These piles have a recognizable characteristic: they are well built stacks with a vertical wall on one face. However one of the piles (2nd from the top) looks a bit like a turtle: it has a pointed "tail" rock sticking out in back and a "head" drawn into a "plastron" opposite of the tail. [These features are not shown in the photograph.]. One question is: would a pile be shaped like a turtle but at the same time designed for a specific function (I assume an astronomical function since the vertical walls would seem to relate to lines of sight)?

At any rate, they are nice looking piles. There are a few more I did not illustrate, and the whole area is accessible and worth exploring. It is a five minute stroll down from the parking lot.

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