Friday, April 25, 2008

Arctic China State Forest, NY

by theseventhgeneration
This is a nice site I found above 1900 feet, on the Northeast side of a mountain in Arctic China State Forest, NY. The creek branch near this site flows down into the West Branch Delaware River.

Standing at something like the corner of the site, this is looking to the left:

Then to the right:

In the background of the first picture is this pile. It reminds me of some of the photos I've seen of piles from the PA area - a bit thinner than most of the piles in this area:

A few more piles on the hill:

Some are stones on boulders. Near the bottom of the site, by a trail, this photo shows two 'stones on boulders' giving a sense of pile-gap-pile.

I like this site because of the randomness of the piles. I've been finding a lot of 'piles in rows' lately and I've heard the argument that piles in rows are colonial fences. There is another site about a quarter of a mile to the east of this site, that is near an old foundation and is a 'piles in rows' site.

I also like this site because some piles have very nice stacking, while others are large, round and not stacked. Others were on boulders. The entire site seems to connect something I've seen somewhere else in a way that I can identify with.


pwax said...

Wonderful site and nice pictures. Do the sites with piles in rows have just one single row?

theseventhgeneration said...

No, two rows, one goes northwest around 300 to 305 and the other goes North/South (180). They come together, as best as I can tell (the site has some damage from age and logging) and both lines end where they meet. I posted something about this on Two Headwaters. Another site I found yesterday, a different site but same state forest, with more rock piles in rows. I will post on that one here when I get a chance. As I started thinking about it, I believe I've found over 80 rock piles in the past 5 days. They are all new sites.

pwax said...

Yeah I feel like spring has unlocked a flood of new sites.

Anonymous said...

the rocks are in piles in rows put that way when clearing the land for farming the piles and rows are later bilt in stakes and rows called stone walls this is the early stage of a stone wall never finished