Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Piles along Beaver Brook, seen from the Hartwell Reserve Conservation Land - Littleton, MA

Just a few pics. Not a very big concentrated site, spread out along the north side of Beaver Brook. A little like the site along Elizabeth Brook in Stow.

There are also lots of rock-on-rocks on this hill. Many with what look like curiously shaped upper rocks, with Manitou stones propped up or on top of rocks being common. I don't know if this "saucepan / boat rudder" shape is a manitou stone or not. Here is a propped up one:


archaeologist said...

A member of the Hartwell Reserve Conservation Land in Littleton, has asked us to come out and do a survey of the site, we plan on doing it sometime in May. If you are available I woukld love to have your trained eye along. I will give you more details at the Neara meeting.

pwax said...

Frankly there is not a lot there except what may be beyond the fringes of the conservation land.