Friday, April 18, 2008

A good weekend

I have to catch up on blogging. The lack of posts is not for lack of material. Last weekend I saw three new rock pile sites and a fourth one that I had seen before. Sunday on my way out to a walk I arranged to drive past a particular cornfield in Concord and explore briefly. I found this after 10 minutes:This is a 1.25 inch long spearhead made of black rhyolite (called "felsite" around here). It is a standard design Stark Point from the mid to early Archaic (~3K BC) but I am not familiar with using this kind of black felsite for a Stark Point. That is coming from someone who has spent eight years finding stone tools and flaking debris around here. I attibute this new material use (for me) to the fact that most of my collecting has been in eastern Concord and this was across the river in the southwest of the town.

Anyway, with the four rock pile sites (not to be confused with arrowhead hunting sites) to show from last weekend, I need to finish up about Rocky Pond.

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