Tuesday, April 08, 2008

YouTube Debate

by JimP

My video on YouTube has sparked one visitor named, "factfirst," to begin a debate on the existence of Native American stone structures. I'd like to invite folks here to participate and add your thoughts. You are required to register for free with YouTube in order to post a comment, unfortunately. But please get involved. My lonely voice isn't enough, and this exchange is for posterity.



pwax said...

I don't want to sign up for YouTube but fight the good fight (as I see you are already doing).

If you are going to continue arguing with this fellow, I would focus on his initial misconception: Indian and Colonial being contradictory. That is the initial false assertion and I would attack it rather than stating your own case.

pwax said...

...as in: the best defense is a good offense. Also ask if he has visited any rock pile sites?

pwax said...

Hey what d'ya know! One of my sons must use this PC to access YouTube so I have an account. I am "snud12" or something.

I see factfirst is not completely ignorant, so he/she might be worth teaching.