Monday, April 21, 2008

Split-wedged rocks from Rocky Pond - Boylston, MA

A few nice examples of split-wedged rocks. It seemed that the place (outlined here) was full of split-wedged rocks. I have already mentioned a couple of these but it is fun seeing the examples together.This next one was quite something, split along a quartz vein, this was northeast of the pond:
Here is the view back towards Rocky Pond.
Note the large boulder to the far left. Evidently this flat split-wedged rock came off of the large boulder originally.

Here is one more, shaped like a manitou stone:
And a view down into the split:
As I mentioned, split-wedged rocks were numerous to the east of Rock Pond; there were numerous small rock piles and split rocks next to rock piles. These seem to be specific to this location east of a lake.

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