Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Red Wing, MN Cairns

Norman got this from Bruce Koenen, a researcher. It includes a photo and a poster which I could not post directly so I screen-captured what I could. Bruce wrote:

In doing research for my paper I noted that the northeast seemed particularly rich in stone structures. I'm attaching a PDF version of the poster I did.
The image you saw on the web [see here] was taken between fifty and sixty years ago and unfortunately the photographer does not remember the exact location, however a colleague thinks he has relocated the spot and unfortunately the feature had not survived intact. The images on the poster will give you a sense of what is left of most of the features here. So far we have not re-located any intact cairns. The area where the cairns are found is developing rapidly so their long term survival is threatened.
I've attached a photo to give you an idea of how thoroughly the cairns were disassembled. The bases on most are relatively intact. The PA cairns do appear very similar, are they also hollow as the Red Wing structures appear to have been?


MIS COSAS said...

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pwax said...

It might be worth looking for other places along lines of sight outward from these cairns. What about the other side of that "Castle River"? Then the question might be about looking from one place to another. For example are the piles on the horizon as seen from across the river?