Wednesday, April 30, 2008

South Hill - Middlesex NY

Reader Madis writes in to point out this link to an earth-energy interpretation of rock piles.

I recommend some of the links to be found there. But also there is mention of adding stones to a stone circle to re-construct it - which I believe should not be done; or at least only done under special circumstances.


stonepilewhisper said...

I agree with your thoughts on altering ancient stone works. If you feel the need to create a stone structure please do it in a way that won't cloud the picture of the past.

madis senner said...

A few things. First, the stones are often a physical manifestation of the spirituality of a place. In an effort to rekindle that spirit I will often reconstruct previous structures. If people prayed at a place diligently and long enough the spiritual embers remain. These stone structures as the article indicates perform a function---a function lost to modern mankind. I am placing putting back what was there before.

Secondly, a lot of the stone piles, cairns, fences people were taken from nearby sacred Native American sites. Which do you honor?

Thanks for the comments.
madis senner

pwax said...

The Native Americans take offense at the immitation of their sprirituality which they consider to be cultural theft. Re-constructing their places of prayer for such purposes is something the Indians would not approve of and this community, here, puts emphasis on understanding what is there. The recommendation would be: build your own spriritual places, the woods are big enough.