Tuesday, April 29, 2008

People I saw at the Spring 2008 NEARA conference

Arriving in the darkened conference room, my first interest was to see who was there. I saw James and Mary Gage at the book sales table:
I sat next to Norman Biggart (long time NEARA member and member of the Burlington Mass. Historical Society)
I recognized people like:
Norman Muller (to the right) with Peter Annick to the left.
Jim Eagan (who was the RI coordindator)
[no photo]

Malcolm Pearson - one of the original NEARA who, at 97 still seems to be functional. The man owned the Upton chamber and (perhaps at a separate time) the site at Mystery Hill in Salem NH.
Bruce McAleer and Tim Fohl (left to right)
Doug Schwartz (the CT coordinator) and Fred Meli (who introduced himself)
The grand dames of NEARA (picture taken later at dinner: Ros Strong, Linda McElroy, and Sue Carlson)Tom Paul (NEARA treasurer and author of the "Hammonasset Line" concept, L. McElroy again, and Ted Ballard ex director of research for NEARA, author of articles about stone "U" structures)George Krusen (protector of the Heron Pond, rock pile site, Half Moon Meadow, and pursuer of truth as it pertains to the "Hill of 500 cairns" [or was it 400?])
I hope he'll forgive me for saying it but: a boy in an old man's body.

I have no picture or no decent picture for several other people there: Terry Deveau the Nova Scotia coordinator, Lisa Gannon (the VT coordinator who did not want her picture taken), Polly Midgely (the Hudson Valley coordinator), Brenda Twoomey (MA coordinator) various NEARA officials who I do not know well: Dan Lorraine and Don Winkley.

I spoke with a few of these people and some of them gave presentations. I'll get to that content in a moment.

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