Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chateaugay Lake, NY Blog

by theseventhgeneration

Shatagee Woods History is a blog that has information about the history of Chateaugay Lake, NY. Chateaugay Lake is in the Adirondacks, near the Canadian border, just west of Lake Champlain.

Here are links to two of the posts. The first is about Indian grave sites in the area. Click here for the link. The comments are interesting (mentioning standing stones).

The second post is a story of an Indian lead mine on Lyon Mountain (near Chateaugay Lake). Click here for the link.


Norman said...

Indian graves? Maybe, but maybe not. The photos are not very revealing and after hundreds of years, wouldn't the mounds be less pronounced? Mounds can also be caused by downed trees.

I'd be interested in seeing images of the standing stones.

theseventhgeneration said...

Yes, I'd like to see those standing stones, too. I'm not certain how they determined these are (or may be) Indian graves, as this is something I just stumbled on. I do agree with you. I have been told of 2 sites on private land locally that are said to be Indian graves only because of some oral history passed down and the fact that there are rock piles there.