Friday, April 18, 2008

Gap and Pile - Examples from Rocky Pond

This is abut rock piles next to a split rocks. I wrote about "Gap and Pile" recently (here) and I saw a number of examples to the east of Rocky Pond (overview here). This may be akin to the split and filled boulders we have looked at in recent posts.
This one has the split filled in. Is this a single structure? How about this one?
Here's a beauty!
Come on - that's deliberate. And it reminds me of "Pile Gap Pile" (see here). What about the two piles upper-most in this cluster?I would venture that some of these examples are genuine structures with the obvious use: invoking something that lies within the split of the rock (as JimP is talking about in his discussion of Split Boulders here.) In a watery place like this, east of small natural lake, in the tumble of boulders, there was something particularly auspicious for using these structures. They are looking out to the water, they are looking out to the west. What are they seeking?

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