Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sudbury State Forest - a knoll at the confluence of brooks

I got into the woods a differet way, thinking I was exploring a new place and was overjoyed to walk right up to the rock piles. Later I realized this is a site I have seen before. So I'll just post a couple of pictures to give a feel for the place:
The location near a brook confluence with a view to the south is typical. These are old beat up piles a bit like the ones from the Berlin hilltop. No sign of structure, just old medium sized ground piles. No quartz.And a sense of the pile density on this knoll. There were perhaps 10 piles in all:And a last look back up the knoll from the direction of the brook:
A nice little site and it is always good to walk directly up to the rock piles. Compare with other "knoll+brook" [Click here]

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