Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whitaker Swamp, Deposit, NY

by theseventhgeneration

Here are a few more photos of the boulder on the mountain that, I think, looks similar to the one in Berlin, MA.

The split in the boulder.

Above the split, one of the rocks used for fill was half in/half out, which proves to be a good support for a semi-standing stone on top.

This boulder is high up, near the top of the mountain. At the base of the mountain is the confluence of Oquaga Creek and the West Branch of the Delaware River. From what I've been able to find on the history of Deposit, about 40 acres of flat land, now between the railroad tracks and Oquaga Creek, were farmed by Native Americans. Above the bank of the West Branch, opposite the mouth of Oquaga Creek, was the council ground. Click here for the link.

I found some rock piles, not near this boulder, to the south and southwest. But first, this area in between, which I can't tell if it is just an area of field clearing and garbage dump, or if there really is something going on here. I would dismiss it if I didn't notice that funny curve in the stone row (you may have to click on the photo to get a better look).

This rock pile picture gives a view of the field and garbage dump in the background.

Then, a short distance away was another small rock pile site. Here is one of the piles.

And a bit further beyond that was something like a short (15 ft) stone row. In this photo of it, you might be able to see the blue paint on the trees. The small rock pile site nearby also had trees marked with blue paint. Possibly, these trees are marked for cutting.


pwax said...

No reason they could not be ceremonial.

Norman said...

The vertical fill (first image) reminds me of the spectacular fill I saw at Fahnestock SP in New York State.

haley said...

i grew up in these woods, i know exactly where all of these places are. The third picture of rocks was rarely used for ceremonial purposes. A couple of these places were used for partying. Deeper in the woods behind the school, there used to be an old school bus that served many years as "the spot to party". They removed the bus a few months back, but the memories will always stay. The deeper in the woods you go all around this town, there is always something amazing. Waterfalls, cliffs, its a truly beautiful place.