Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bally Brook Hill - Sterling MA

You can probably figure out where this hill is in Sterling. Some time ago I risked getting shot by exploring behind a "rod and gun" club and located an interesting rock pile site where features seemed to be visible from a central boulder. That is somewhere near the lower blue outline in the above map frament. Last weekend I went out to explore some of the same area but in spite of a couple of weeks of above freezing weather, I managed to find a place where I was sinking 1/2 foot deep into the remaining snow. So I did not explore as much as I wanted to - tiring quickly. So I was post-holing up the hill from the east, and only going to the top out of a sense of duty, when I paused to catch my wind and spotted a rock on rock:
and nearby, a few rocks on a rock. I then crossed a stone wall into a several acre area enclosed in a quadrangle of stone walls, and spotted a few other items poking through the snow:It might be worth re-visiting in the summer, to see if more structures are visible.I was trying to focus on the interesting rock material:
andAgain, there is probably more there than is visible at this time of year.If you ever get out there, try to locate that place down at the southeast edge of the hill. I was not sure of its exact location but I think the location of the site described above is correct because I found the old road leading up the hill in the right place.

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