Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Equinox Walk Through Gungywamp

Ted Hendrickson writes:

A local nature center arranged a walk through the Gungywamp Complex in Groton, CT on Saturday, corresponding to the Vernal Equinox. This well known and researched site still is a subject of discussion. We have been through several times, first in the mid 80's with Dave Barron. I think I appreciated the scene more this time. Arriving at the north end of the south complex, the donation piles on boulders flank an entry into the swamp.
Next to it the "Bridge" with manitou stones.
Proceeding south, the two rows of standing stones.
The real goal was to see the famous shaft of light in chamber one, which on the equinoxes enters through a small vent and grazes the north wall before entering the small beehive side chamber. Vance Tiede had already set up his camera in the doorway and was recording the light's passage.
The entry point for light at the top.
This propped boulder is next to the chamber.
A large group from a local community college showed up. So much for my communion with the mystery... Still a rewarding visit. Lugged my big camera around for some shots too.

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pwax said...

Thanks for these pictures. With all the talk of Gungywump there are few clear photos.