Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Street access to Upton State Forest (part 1)

Upton MA is a town that "never disappoint". Rock piles are all over the place in the woods. So I was hopeful, driving south on Spring Street looking for access to the state park. As soon as the houses drop away and the blue "State Forest Boundary" labels start appearing on the trees, there is a bit of a wetland. I parked just south of that and started diagonally up the hill. Within a few paces there were a couple of very broken down rock piles covered with leaves.

Continuing, you cross a brook [I stepped deliberately on the quartz as it seemed appropriate]:

And notice a few snakey walls:And a few other obscure things that do not photo well - loose collections of rocks that spell something to the informed (not me). Continuing uphill, you soon get to a place of beautiful stone walls:

I was not too surprised to see these walls were enclosing a quadrant of rock piles. Let's have another look at that:Let's have a look at some of these piles:
I got the feeling they were evenly spaced but did not pay close attention.
I was interested in that larger structure in the background, which turned out to be a gateway or large split boulder with rock piles on it:This one caught my eye as part of Tim MacSweeney's "Turtle Vision" thing. But rather than seeing this as a turtle, highly symmetric as it is, it is worth looking at as being a representation of something else.
With due respect, it is not always about turtles. In any case, that does look like some kind of effigy.

Rocks in the sunlight:And a few other notables, as I continued up hill, where there was another site.
As I said: non-stop rock piles in those woods.

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