Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Street access to Upton State Forest- Rock Piles with Quartz

[Continuing from here] I went back down the hill and passed through the site I saw first, then realized there was another section of that site down hill. Although this is really part of the same site, it felt slightly displaced from that and since most of these piles had fine chunks of quartz in them, it continues to feel like a slightly different site. Here, without more ado, are rock piles in lines, more or less evenly space, and with dominant quartz features.

Start at the top, with this split rock arrangement:Adjacent to that a quartz pile in the foreground and another in the background:Closeup of the foreground pile:I believe this is a type of "marker pile" site but am not used to seeing so much quartz on display. Usually if it occurs in a line of rock piles it is on one pile at the end of a line of piles. Here we get some sense of the layout, lower down on the hill:
Let me call attention to the pile the right with a huge quartz chunk, and on the far left a little 'table' like arrangement. Here is that chunk of quartz pile, looking back the way we came downhill:And here is that 'table' in context:And closeup:It certainly looks like a place that an offering might be made and adds to the sense that this is a place of ceremony.

Finally, here we are at the bottom of the split rock we started with. These rock piles, although small, were very powerful.

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