Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upton State Forest from Spring Str (part 2)

[Continuing from here] On the level part at the top of the hill were a few other rock piles and a bit of a structure. Here is one pile:Here is something with a bit of quartz in it:Closer:
Here you see a foundation or a well or some kind of man-made hole in the ground:Closer:
You also see many hints of structure up there.Like the indeterminate forms lower on the hill, I did not study these carefully. Someone could spend a long time mapping and studying this place.

As a last example, here was an anomaly in the stone wall.
I considered whether it might have gotten levered up by chance but, no, it was very firmly planted.

We know the Nipmuck families lived and still live in Upton and Grafton. And this was near or in the Praying Indian Village of Hassenemesitt. It matches the neighborhoods of other known Praying Indian Villages - woods full of rock piles. That this is a Nipmuck neighborhood only increases my expectations.

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