Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More mounds with retaining walls

In reference to the previous post (click here), Norman Muller writes:

The mound with retaining wall in the attached photo is at large cairn site in Rochester, VT. The mound itself consists of small fist-sized stones, and can be favorably compared with the first photo from Ted Hedrickson in your recent blog entry.[PWAX writing:] Some other examples from one site in Carlisle, MA:There are two other examples from Carlisle I know of but I cannot find the pics. Found this one from Stowe MA, while looking:It is interesting seeing these examples side by side. For example, Norman was calling attention to the large rocks outside the retaining wall on Ted's photos, similar to the 2nd Carlisle photo above.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, have identical mounds behind my house, first pic on ur blog from Ma. Never thought they could be burial mounds!!!!