Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"Sunday" a new site from Ted Hedrickson

Ted H. sent this. I think this is a site in CT:

We were out Sunday, intrigued by a map from a local land conservancy that was dotted with "rock pile" labels. The land was strewn with walls, at several intersections were large piles connected to the walls, sometimes where three walls came together. There was a small foundation and two wells, showing colonial era habitation. Near the edge of the property were found this large mound unconnected to a wall:

see moundN and moundS shot from opposite sides
Shot from the north and south you can see the built retaining walls on parts of this roughly circular form, 8-10 ft high at center. Nearby was an area of concentrated smaller piles, some on the ground and some on rocks.

Continuing on, this pile was built on bedrock and unconnected to walls:

see DSC03090 from northeast andDSC03092 from southwest
I guess they could be clearing piles. We thought they were pretty cool. What do you think?


pwax said...

Wonderful piles. I have seen these sorts of piles occasionally. There are several in Carlisle MA - at several different locations (North end of Two-Rod Rd; South Street; East Street)

I suppose they were built with ceremony but maybe a field got cleared in the process.

Norman said...

From a purely practical point of view, I can't imagine these as field clearing piles. No way.

Norman said...

Am I seeing things, or is that a Manitou stone leaning against the large stone mound/cairn and behind a tree in the last photo? And what is that to the left of the stone mound in the next to last photo?

pwax said...

These show what looks like two stages of construction - or at least a rebuilding of the retaining wall.

pwax said...

I mean, look at picture #2. That retaining wall never went all the way around the pile and its construction is entirely different that the "mound" in the interior. The component rocks do not even look the same.

Ted Hendrickson said...

I will post more photos soon, I went back wednesday to check Norman's observations about a possible manitou stone. I wasn't sure, but will post those photos too. I think this is a complex site with colonial and possible native american features mixed and altered. Peter, the wall that looks different really is strange in that is seems straighter than other sides. some edges of the retaining wall seem collapsed.

I really appreciate your observations and comments.