Monday, March 15, 2010

Stonington CT (part two)

Ted Hendrickson continues (see here for part 1):

Visit to Perry Preserve, Stonington, CT, Visit dates 3/7 and 3/10, Part Two

Our surprise at seeing the large mound in part one of this report made us miss some covered rocks just off the path we were following. Noticed this one when returning to the path.
This was near some walls as well. I wonder when I see this if these are just left over stones from the wall building, placed to keep them accessible instead of settling into the soft earth. We continued our walk up past the colonial cemetery towards the top of the hill. Another "wall pile" came into view, this one sort of burying a single continuing wall. here seen from downslope side.
Here a downslope view. You can see the wall on either side.
The approach to the hilltop revealed the other mound previously posted. Here seen from the northeast approaching path.
It had an elongated shape with a well finished face on the south west side.
In the earlier posting of this image, Norman noticed the leaning stone to the right and asked about it. I returned to photograph it up close. Possible manitou stone? It looked kind of thick compared to other photos I've seen, but had the right general shape.
Here are a couple of other views patched together from each side, Here from the west. Tumbled down section in center continues up and over to other side. The well finished face is on the right edge in this shot.
And from the east. The leaning stone is seen to the left.
The path continues out through a walled and wooded landscape, a few more rock piles near walls. Building piles? I don't know. This is an intriguing site of possible mixed and altered features. I will have to return and think about it some more.

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