Monday, March 29, 2010

Protecting rock piles in Westford - MA

Frank from Westford writes:

Yesterday, I learned that a developer gave the land, to the south of me, to the town. Tomorrow, the town will vote to put it into conservation. I walked over the land, and found some very interesting rock piles.

All of my life, I have seen rock piles from stone walls and quarries. But, these piles are unlike anything that I have seen before, except on your web site. I believe that I have found nine piles forming three lines. It appears that they are at right angles, with two lines pointing north-south and the other east-west. You can see this from the shadows. The piles appear to be evenly spaced. ...

...If I can show that these rock piles have archeological or historical value, the Conservation Commission will try to protect them, just as they have tried to protect other historical sites in Westford. Otherwise, they will probably be damaged or destroyed.

The pictures are posted at:
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Comment from PWAX: It sounds like what I have been calling a "marker pile" site and, yes, it is worth preserving - especially as these are not so common in the Westford area.

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