Monday, March 29, 2010

Large Rectangular Rock Pile with Hollow - Spencer State Forest

Mike H from Sturbridge writes:

I found a 26' x 26' x 5 foot high pile next to a small stream in the Spencer State Forest, across from 5 Hebert Road in Spencer,MA. The pile is hollowed out in the middle on the eastern side.

The First Photo is taken from the Road sideThe next three photos are taken as I went around the pile is a counter clockwise direction.

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pwax said...

For me there is not much doubt left that there was an inland culture that built large rectangular piles with hollows. I suspect these are burial mounds and the hollow marks the location of a crypt, but I have no direct evidence for this belief.

In any case, this find from Spencer MA fits the pattern of the types of piles with hollows I have been finding around Fitchburg.