Monday, March 29, 2010

Gary SD mounds and rock piles

[From here] "Indian Mound
About three and a half miles to the south of Gary, South Dakota, located at Cobb Creek, there is an Indian Mound. In 2008 it was inspected by a Tribal Chief and a Director of the Upper Sioux Agency. It was determined that it is a perfect example of a “Mound with a Tail” because of the way it is built. When you come to this area, make sure you get a chance to see this rare Native American attraction." [emphasis added]

(adding) gotta go look that up on Google.

Update: appears to refer to things like this:


pwax said...

This tail is curling clockwise, as are all the examples on rock piles seen so far. If anyone sees a picture (or a real example) of a pile or mound with a tail that curls COUNTER-clockwise, please let me know.

theseventhgeneration said...

I've seen "trailing rocks". I don't know if the tail you are talking about is different from trailing rocks (my instinct is to say it is, but I don't want to assume).

Anyway, checking "trailing rocks" on the blog, I found this post from 2006.

Some photos of trailing rocks, all curving clockwise (cut & paste to browser):

Here is one that I have to go back out and look closer. It is a cairn with a large hollow. The "tail" adjoins the cairn at that large base rock and that's where the hollow is. I believe the moss coating in the photo is ground level rocks, but I will have to go out and inspect first hand to say for sure: