Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indian Place Names of Worcester County

Found this while looking for the history of Wright Ponds Ashby. This is about the Nipmuck. For example, contains a definition of Hassanamesit (the name of the Grafton praying Indian village):

The Indian place names translated are in many cases similar to our English ones, but for the sake of euphony, if for no other reason, many of their originals should be retained. Quinsigamond, Wachuset and Hassanamesit are more euphonious than Pickerel Pond, Hill Town and Little Stone Place." [emphasis added]

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JimP said...

Just a word of warning -- in a personal correspondence to me, Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian called these place names books unreliable, and that the authors made guesses based on their very limited knowledge of Algonquian language parts, often using word roots from nations in the West. They are practically useless for translation purposes.