Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Wall

by geophile

Some pictures of stones along with the inimitable Frank Maykuth. He shows up in a lot of pictures because he did a lot of solo exploring and was good enough to share the sites he found. Here we see a detail of the base of one section of a very high wall or rock pile he showed us.

Frank is not a short guy but he was dwarfed by this structure. You can see moss and lichens on the rocks in the above picture, but he knew little about its history, so I can't say for sure who built it and when. It was very near, and by this I mean yards away from, other structures, some of which I've posted here before, including a 'fishtail' and a stone platform in a low area by a creek. On the other side of this structure, it rose only a few feet above the ground, so it served as a retaining wall.
I would want to do some homework on this, check with locals for stories or histories, before making any assertions about it except that it was imposing and well-made.

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Anonymous said...

I was shown this wall some years ago, and found it perplexing. It begins as a normal wall and then grows into a monster barrier fifteen feet high and wide. Because it is at the bottom of a field, and adjacent to a farm road, I was initially skeptical that it was that old. But what farmer would undertake such a construction? For now it is a mystery, but certainly worth looking into.