Thursday, June 29, 2006

Site Report Form

A few years ago, this is what I thought was relevant for summarizing a rock pile site.

Site Name and GPS

Type (from a though f)

Type of Water, distance to water


Prospect direction toward water

Number of rock piles

Area covered (or density)

Pile Type




Effigy Piles

  • On support boulder
  • Head rock (sometimes indicated by being broken and shaped)
  • Axis of symmetry through the head
  1. Stylized human
  2. Animal/Plant
  3. Crystal or colored rocks
  4. Twins - with "boat rudder" pair
  5. Turtle (rock on edge of rock)
  6. Rock-on-rock

Ground Piles

  • Directly on ground
  • (10-20) cobbles
  • Frequent use of quartz
  1. Geometric (spiral, zigzag)
  2. Outline (usually with heart)
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Oblong cluster with quartz (usually on periphery)


  • Made of larger rocks
  • Made from more rocks
  • Directional, with orientation
  1. Stacks with marker stone
  2. Elongated or dash-dot
  3. Triangle with vertical flake
  4. Vertical Flake on rock, with bookends


  • Outline large enough for person sitting
  • Level inside
  1. Platforms
  2. Seats (against boulder or wall)

Auxilliary Features

Found near rock pile sites

Split-filled rocks
Split-wedged rocks
Vertical Flakes (occasionally not man-made)

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