Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Turner Lane Harvard, MA - Three piles near a field.

Sunday, after a Saturday of odds and ends in Bolton, I went to Harvard to look at some places by invitation and ended up seeing more as I drove around between visits. I was told by Sue R. about a conservation land trail off Turner Lane, and spent 10 minutes checking it before I had to be somewhere. There were three rock piles within a few paces of the trail head.Although this first one looks like it has been modified more recently, all three piles were made from a small number of quite large rocks (too big for one person to lift).I did not recognize this type of pile. They are in pretty bad shape and I was undecided about whether they might have been farm related. They are right near an open field. But in the end because there were three separate piles, and they were actually built up a bit (not just tossed) I ended up thinking they might be ceremonial.

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