Saturday, June 24, 2006

A new camera

A bit off my rhythm today while exploring a site in Bolton. The new camera I borrowed has the worst user interface imaginable but it does have incredible resolution. Also the colors are much better in the kind of low light levels we have been having in this rain. For all its bells and whistles the camera, a Nikon "Coolpix", has a lot of trouble communicating with me about autofocus. The result is that 1/2 the photos today were totally blurry and only about one in four was really in focus. But if you look in the backround of this picture, you can see a second rock-on-rock. This depth of field was not available on the old camera: an HP "C-30".
Again the colors are a bit off since I have not mastered the button for putting the camera into a mode where it will correct the colors, auto-focus, not flash and compensate for hand movement. I have a lot to learn about getting the most out of it.

About the first picture:
This is a picture of a ledge next to a brook - or a place where water comes out of the ground and starts to be a brook. The ledge has a split which is wedged and, in line with the split, a rock pile is built on a rock at the edge of the water. The sense of alignment is heightened by the pointed wedge which sticks out.

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