Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heath MA rock piles - sent in by Bruce McAleer

There are about 20+- rock piles on this hill. I just took photos of a couple. Here is a ground pile.Here is a rock pile on a boulder/exposed ledge.

This was the most interesting feature. Note the piece of quartz in the foreground and the trail of stones leading up the hill behind it. More on the quartz in the next few photos.Note the black streak with the hole in it in the upper left of the quartz stone. Then, looking to the right of it on the downslope, note the other hole in the stone.
Close-up of the 2 holes.
This is the hole on the right in the previous photos.
This is the hole in the left in the previous photos.

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pwax said...

I was thinking about that weird hole shown in the last picture, and thinking about the stains around both holes. It looks like the quartz melted. Call me foolish for asking but is there any chance this rock got hit by lightening?