Friday, June 16, 2006

Yawgoog Trails

I know we did this before but let's do it again. [Click here]


JimP said...

There are many finer rock pile sites along trails that lead off of Yawgoog property on abutting properties that are always open to the public. The Yawgoog property is nice to have a look around, but they prohibit public access to most of the trails listed on that website during spring, summer, and fall while kids are there. If they find you on trails too close to the camps, they will call the police.

My nephew is currently a camper there, and there isn't a trail in Yawgoog that I haven't traversed. If you want more information feel free to contact me. (remove the NOSPAM)

I have always found it disconcerting that they automatically attribute most of their fine rock piles to farm use, field clearing, etc. There is one fine cairn there that they called a charcoal kiln in the distant past. More lately they've been calling it a collapsed fire pit. In my estimation, it is neither.

JimP said...

I see they changed their policy and allow public hiking even near the camps now except in summer.