Friday, June 30, 2006

Indian Knob stone tower site - near Marietta OH

"There is also an array of ancient stone towers on the bluffs overlooking Moundsville and the ancient earthworks. These are basically giant stone cairns now and reportedly were towers. Hively and Horn have shown the relationships of prominent hills and the features of the earthworks in Newark. Did similar relationships exist here?" [Click here]

Also it might be worth keeping track of this person's blog [Click here], which looks focused on moundbuilders but uses the blog format with photos.


Geophile said...

I've seen that blog referenced from the [Megalithic] Portal. The guy writes interesting things and takes great pictures. It's a good idea, going to all the major mound sites, taking pictures and writing down his thoughts.

JimP said...

John Q. Jacobs has done some work in Southern New England.