Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bolton Conservation Land, Odds and Ends 2

Back to the same conservation land I visited last week and the week before, I continued on the path beyond the the short stretches of stone wall, across a boardwalk through the swamp and up to the other side where the site with the wedged rock was, so I turned left and followed around the edge of the wetland there, until I got behind other houses and had to sneak along until I got to an outcrop going, maybe, northeast. I was never far from rock piles, including the "light in the forest" and the pile with wire (was it bedsprings?). Out on the outcrop there were two small platform-type piles, much broken down. Here is one:And here is the other, along with a view back towards the outcrop with the second 'platform' visible on the right of the picture.
After this, there were too many houses. So I doubled back, retraced my steps to the first hilltop site (of two weeks ago), and then went across the northwest side of the hill looking for other features.

I saw a couple of nice split-wedged rocks along the way. The first one at the head of a gully dividing two of the hills in there. The second higher near the dry top of one of the other hills.
You can see why I think this part of Bolton should be designated a rock pile "region". Every available piece of woods does have rock piles.

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