Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Zealand rock piles and some curiosities

Norman Muller sends in this link:

Poking around there, led me to this [Click here] about a truly bizarre
stone structure in Oklahoma.

There seems to be a lot of curious stuff (alternate archeology) at the
parent site "Viewzone" [Click here].

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pwax said...

What do I think about that Oklahoma wall? I poked around some more in the parent site and saw some other relevant photos. There are a lot of little visual clues that this is just weird geology, and there was not one example of something clearly man-made. Without knowing any more, I think it is just geology.

But what was really interesting to me was the first link that Norman provided to New Zealand rock piles and landscape mapping. I did not try to read the whole article or understand how they came to their conclusions, but I looked at the photos (there are at least 3 separate web pages) and read the captions and came away quite impressed. The author's have a very different take on surveying than the one we read in Manitou or hear about from the proponents of "alignments". Also seeing those old rock piles in the grass in New Zealand is very poignant. My aesthetics are slanted towards enjoying the visual appeal of rock piles.