Saturday, June 17, 2006

Site protection via superstition

In England (not rock pile related)
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JimP said...

Unfortunately, even if we had such, "local custom," laws in this country, Americans are so generally oblivious to what's in their surrounding woodlands that I doubt we'd see that kind of out-pouring of support. It is a very nice thought, though.

Incidentally, the story reminded me of one of my favorite movies entitled Photographing Fairies. Catch it if you ever have the chance.

Geophile said...

And, while I am not a starry-eyed wishful dreamer who believes in fairies, I do think that one day people will recognize that there are very real forces for which fairies are a sort of analogy, forces most Western people are not able to be cognizant of because we do not use our brains the way some other cultures do. I don't see this so much as superstition as sensitivity to the real but invisible-to-most-of-us spirit world.

I also think that most people have experienced it, especially in childhood, but that we don't have the training to realize it . . . For example, I think that childhood experience is what fires people to be interested in things like mysterious stonework on the landscape. We're looking under stones for something essential we lost as we grew up in this culture.

Don't mind me.