Sunday, June 25, 2006

Initial video efforts - by pwax

The new camera allows taking video clips. Not as poetic as FFC, I thought I would try this as a way of documenting features. Still trying to get the camera to work.
[Click here] to see a rock pile video clip.
[Click here] for a line of rocks leading to a rock pile group.
[Click here] for another rock pile
I am just trying this out and the image quality is pretty bad. For all that, it still can give a better sense of relations between grouped features.
[Click here] to see a rock-on-rock on the right hand termination of a line of dirt and cobbles that is like a faint berm with a ditch on the uphill (foreground) side which runs along like a "defensive" trench, past a small boulder, seems to curve and snake a bit and then peters out around the side of the slope.

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