Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sacred Video Clip - 125 degrees magnetic

My friends and colleagues who are interested in alignments say they keep finding things which point towards either 125 degrees magnetic or to its diametric opposite (125+180= 305). But what is that direction? Apparently 305 degree magnetic is the August 14th sunset direction. But why is that significant? And why is 125 degrees important? August 14th was important to the Mayans [I am told] but what is with 125 degrees? Is it something to do with the Milky Way? This is an answer looking for a question and I hope my friends and colleagues eventually come up with an explanation. For now, it is simply an observation that these directions are frequently indicated by stonework in the woods. So here is a video which tries both to capture the direction from the Stupid Sheet and show an example of a very subtle stone construction which does point in that 125 degrees magnetic direction.
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pwax said...

To me the flat "fin" of rock sticking up reminds me of a kind of marker pile. I have seen these near a brook where the direction of the fin pointed downstream with the brook.

pwax said...

I keep watching the video and I do not see the alignment as matching 105.

JimP said...
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