Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Marker Pile Sites

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Tim MacSweeney said...

All I could add about Marker Piles is that I don't know much about them, but all those medicine wheels out west sure do point to lots of events. I get the real simple ones about solstice and equinox because they happen in the same place every year. I'm familiar with one I've written about and drawn and tried to photograph (and video tape with a pair of sunglasses taped to the camera because of the sun's glare), three big stones connected by several smaller ones (although one big one was moved to make the path wider for the horses and the mowing, which turned out to have been done by a guy who played banjo with the band I'm in, by coincidence).
I think there's a seven year cycle to the moon - or maybe it's fifteen years. I think at Chaco Canyon or someplace near it that someone figured it out. So maybe there's 7 (or 15) piles that point out moon rise or set or something, maybe?
My friend Lakota friend Wendell Deer With Horns and I went to the Calendar one spring and watched the sunset over the stone, saw Venus slowly set over it as it got darker, and then realized neither of us brought a flash light and stumbled through the darkness - and the two places where we had to cross brooks - to get back to the place we parked his car...